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The Top 10 Funniest YouTube Videos based on number of views.
Random Funny Stuff

A lot of very interesting facts

Views: 24111
Whats so Funny??

Another laughing baby..

Views: 14167
Squirrel Impossible

I wish my cat was this clever.

Views: 13256
Shower prank

Blood!! In the showers..

Views: 11880
Toilet prank

Extremely Funny toilet prank

Views: 10688
Casey and Kara

Two girls fooling around

Views: 10392
Panda sneeze

Baby panda sneezes and scares mum

Views: 10361
Bikini Prank

Very funny prank by gorgeous girl in bikini

Views: 10073
More Funny Animals

Excrutiatingly funny animals

Views: 9253
Scary Daughter

Dad scares daughter who then has her revenge

Views: 9000
Autopsy prank

Stupid prank on doctor doing autopsy

Views: 8466
Saucy Butts

This young lass is sitting down and minding her own business unaware of the spectacle

Views: 8114
Charlie Bit My Finger arghh..

That really hurt, Charlie!

Views: 8075
What a load of bull !

The crowd were first frightened then very embarrassed.

Views: 7669
Bad Day at the Office

I remember days like these, and this is for real. Caught on the security camera.

Views: 7353
Laughing Baby :)))

This baby is absolutelyyyy hilariousss - just watch it!

Views: 7118
Swearing Baby

Naughty baby swearing

Views: 7081
Let me off!

Cats will do absolutely anything to avoid water. What a leap!

Views: 6943

I get the feeling this horse didn't want to be branded.

Views: 6687
Funny Cats

So many cats doing such weird and wonderful stuff - just crazy...

Views: 6592
Horsing around (New)

What do horses do when it snows?

Views: 6133
Pimp My Bride

You'll love this one! The groom's face at the end is a killer.

Views: 6106
Three sleepy kids..

The little girl with the lolly is so funny...

Views: 6002
Scary alien prank

Two teens in alien costumes scare wits out of mate

Views: 5822
Puppy vs Kitten

Another puppy and kitten fighting

Views: 5814
Scary Screams

Scary screams as people are suddenly startled

Views: 5650
Just hangin'

This little girl's having her hair pulled out by her kitten.

Views: 5601
Split Body

Weird body is split in two on park bench!

Views: 5426
Stick off pants

This girl gets a good laugh at the chap with no pants

Views: 5094
Twin Babies Laughing.jpg

Twin Babies Laughing at each other

Views: 5062
Funny Animals 1

Funny Animals

Views: 5049
Puppy vs Kitty

Puppy and kitten fighting tooth and nail

Views: 4957
Phew! What's that smell?

This little monkey gets more than he bargained for.

Views: 4955
Cat On A Hot Car Roof

You won't believe your eyes when you see this...It seems gruesome - but it's a setup :)

Views: 4828

This kid really hates blood!!!

Views: 4822
Top Lemon Baby

Babies and Lemon are so funny!

Views: 4813

Don't much like this guy...and he almost got his come-uppance.

Views: 4759
Scary Museum

Scary museum dinosaur and other scary pranks

Views: 4700
Skunk prank

Skunk under the park bench

Views: 4555
Water trap prank

Unseen water hole in path covered by leaves

Views: 4535
Scary Maze

Scary maze game scares kid to death

Views: 4484
car wheels prank

Lady asks people to carry wheels to police car where cops are waiting..

Views: 4468
Gazelle hits tree

Meals on Heels?

Views: 4444
More Sleepy Kids

These kids are just oh soooo sleepy, too

Views: 4357
Sexy skirt liftprank

This young woman is unaware of the clothes drier outside the supermarket

Views: 4352
Angry talking cat

So, so funny. If cats could talk..

Views: 4337
Funny Porche 911

Funny Porche 911 pushed over cliff

Views: 4262
Hardball (New)

Playing hardball was never THIS hard..

Views: 4262
Watch that dummy..

Keep your eye on the dummy - where's it gone?

Views: 4040
Serious Shark

This is a seriously big great white shark that's just been caught

Views: 4038
Give me that Bowl!

Here's a mum that doesn't want to share with even her kids.

Views: 3998
Drunk Pussy.

Drunk pussy after sedation!

Views: 3951
Jap Advert

Oh, soooo very funny..

Views: 3950
Kinky Gramps

Gran and grandad in darkened room

Views: 3936
The Dreaming Dog

Dreaming dog having a nightmare

Views: 3934
Naughty Kids 1

Tiny terrors - these kids are your worst nightmare

Views: 3929
I see no spaghetti...

Incredibly funny, this baby and the spaghetti

Views: 3922

It's tantrum time for this toddler when she doesn't get served..

Views: 3862
Cat and Dog fight

These two friends are having one hell of a fight. Just watch this cat and dog go...

Views: 3849
Polly Popup

The woman here was genuinely shocked when she opened the drawer.

Views: 3832
Silly Girls

Views: 3822
Head in the toilet prank

Views: 3809
Car Walking prank

Car walks to obstruct other cars with hilarious consequences

Views: 3800
I'm gonna get ya..

This is one very disturbed ram..

Views: 3763
Funny Animals 2

More Funny Animals

Views: 3762
It's Mine!

A short clip of a dog and a cute kitten that doesn't want to share.

Views: 3728
Wait for meeee...

This donkey is so funny. Just watch the wing mirror.

Views: 3680
Cop number plate prank

Cops play prank on unsuspecting drivers

Views: 3663
It Bites!

This small alligator moves like lightning. Just watch it..

Views: 3663
Sneak Attack

This baby just wasn't quick enough for the kitten

Views: 3587
Lions and dog

Views: 3573
Snake Bite

Mummy said don't play with snakes!

Views: 3555
Can we play..

These dolphins are mesmerized by the ball game.

Views: 3531
Sore Head

This was a very, very silly prank to play. Good job they stopped filming..

Views: 3522
You're not coming in!

You may be big...but, this is my place!

Views: 3506
Amazing Flying Cat (New)

Death defying leap from 30ft up - and Lives!

Views: 3503
The kit hit the fan

Flying cat

Views: 3488
Angry Fish & Cat

Angry fish shouts at cat

Views: 3484
Stupid Dogs

Views: 3471
Kitty Kapers

A lot of very funny cats

Views: 3459

Views: 3444
Funny Kids 3

Even more hilarious kids

Views: 3435
Scary Shots

Guy turns on computer and is scared stupid

Views: 3429
Funny sports2

Views: 3422
Fake Gun

Fake gun gets armoured bank delivery staff nervous

Views: 3395
Cat massages dog

Cat gives sexy massage to dog

Views: 3392
Funny little kids

Views: 3381

Views: 3367
What's wrong with her!

Just watch the look on this baby's face...

Views: 3365
Lion snake

Views: 3355
Funny Kids

Views: 3330
What a Dummy!

This bear is a real dummy when it comes to dummies. Take a look, and listen to the crowd..

Views: 3327
Naughty Kids 2

Tiny terrors 2 - these kids are even worse than the others

Views: 3307
Give me a wash..

This cat and this racoon are getting on well..until.

Views: 3294

This fisherman is having a whale of a time,

Views: 3290
A Sting in the Tail

Very short this one - and very funny

Views: 3258
More feeding dogs

What a breastful this mum's given herself

Views: 3252
Talking Dogs

Views: 3242
Rat madness

Views: 3237

Views: 3234
I need a drink!

I don't care where it comes from - I NEED a drink!

Views: 3232
The Great Escape

Now, how do we get out of here. I know...

Views: 3214
Wow, that's freezing

This koala takes an unexpected cold dip..

Views: 3204
Very Angry Kitten

Don't get on the wrong side of this little kitten - you'll regret it

Views: 3189
Funny Kids 1

Hilarious Kids

Views: 3181
Stupid Accidents

Views: 3161
Baby Laugh 2

Views: 3148
Is this the cat flap?

No, I dont think so, said the little cat. Now, how do I get out?

Views: 3140
Is it worth the effort?

Very funny clip of a guy trying to get fit.

Views: 3133
Lion Scare

Views: 3127
Evil man

Views: 3111
Cat and Canary

This is classic Tom & Jerry, but it's not a cartoon.

Views: 3095

Views: 3091
Priceless Prank

Passer-by asked to kiss girls for a dollar

Views: 3072
Baby and funny chimp (New

This baby and monkey are having fun

Views: 3061
Kids and Cats 2

More kids playing with cats..

Views: 3060
Mini Golf Pro

Is this Tiger Woods II in the making? I think so - what a swing.

Views: 3055
Let me see now...

Let me just take a lonnngg look at your glasses

Views: 3020
Cat vs printer

Views: 3016
Funny cats2

Views: 3014

Views: 3009
Accidents galore

Lots of funny slips and accidents

Views: 2993
Cat lion

Views: 2987
Angry kitten

Views: 2985

Views: 2976
Hilarious Hiccups

Views: 2971
Sign Prank

Views: 2964
Funny monkey

Monkey apes man

Views: 2963
Swat's this then?

This kid doesn't like creepy crawlies..

Views: 2955
Hugh Lawrie and Rowan Atkinson

Interview on American tv

Views: 2954
Get off my tail..

Don't get too close to the 'gator...too late!

Views: 2951
The Price is Right

A fire, some residents and an auction. You MUST watch all of this...

Views: 2943

A man, a girl, his beer and his dream..

Views: 2939
Kids and Cats 1

Kids playing with cats..

Views: 2931
Sleepy Kids

These kids are just oh soooo sleepy

Views: 2924
Funny kids and animals

Views: 2918
Funny Dogs

Views: 2910
Cats,Dogs, Cats and Dogs

Cats, cats, cats and dogs, and more dogs having fun, as they do.

Views: 2903
Funny Accidents 2

Views: 2899
Stupid Accidents

Views: 2899
Come on little squirrel

I never thought it could jump that far...

Views: 2888
Silly Stupid

Views: 2885
Horsey Pingpong

These horses are having a whale of a time on the tennis court..

Views: 2883
Lions fight

Views: 2883
Funny cats5

Views: 2877

Go fly your kite..if you dare! I think this guy's a bit tied up.

Views: 2874
Gurl Dances

Views: 2865
Dont pet this Kitty Pt 2

Views: 2861
Scary Sheep

Views: 2858
de de, de de...

Watch out, there's a cat about...

Views: 2855
Just for laugh

Views: 2853
Cute kitten

Views: 2852
Up the Wall

Just watch this kitten go...

Views: 2845
Flamin' Jesus...

This alter boy's on fire, and he doesn't even realise!

Views: 2840
Baby lions

Views: 2837
Sadistic Dog

Views: 2830
Cat vs puppy

Views: 2817
Funny Kids 2

More Hilarious Kids

Views: 2812
Hungry kitten

Views: 2810
Funny cats4

Views: 2808

One of your very worst golfing nightmares. How did she stay so cool?

Views: 2805
More funny cats

There's loads of funny cats here

Views: 2805
What's this...meeeoowww

Kittens should know better than to touch candles with their nose..

Views: 2795
Funny sports1

Views: 2776
Dumb sheep fly

I knew sheep were dumb, but this one takes the prize

Views: 2775
Funny pets cats

Views: 2769
Best Cats

Views: 2760
Hole in One

Watch This!

Views: 2757
Little kitty song

Views: 2745
Puppy vs mirror

Views: 2744
Funny cats3

Views: 2721
Puppy vs robot

Views: 2695

This site features some of the world's most funniest videos. There are videos of kid's, pets, cata, dogs, animals, golf, general entertainment videos and sexy rude videos and adverts.

Watch Take the Cat on a hot tin roof video, for instance - this video is just pure genius, and so funny; so much so, that when I first watched it I was horrified. I was convinced that it must have be made by some stupid psycho students that were in to filming animals being tortured. I was, of course, wrong. And now that I know that it's just a spoof, I just love it. And I think you will too.

Then there's the It's Mine video, featuring the cutest pet kitten you're ever likely to meet. Watch this clip - it has so much appeal that it's in danger of becoming a funniest classic. And the dog's pretty good too. Have you ever seen such a spunky, little pet as this cat? I know that I haven't.

What about the Cat and the Canary video? Another work of pure 'funniest' genius? We think so. It's just like some of the original, classic cartoons where the bird, or the mouse, is so much more intelligent than the cat. And that is what I like about it - the simplicity of it's execution, and it's cutesy feel.

Another of my favourites is the stupid Jap advert. Watch this - it's brilliant, in my opinion, and I am only sorry that I was not able to get all of it. There is a little missing from the beginning, and I would dearly love to be able to get it in full some day. Still, what there is of it is still the funniest and extremely enjoyable, as you will see.

Then there's the mummy dog and her baby dogs. This really is a one hell of a selfish dog that wants to keep all the food to herself. And, that's where it becomes very funny.

The squirrel video is not particularly funny, I must admit. But it's here because this squirrel is so very clever. It takes a lot of time and patience to get this good, and all for the sake of a few nuts!

I like the stupid man on the fitness machine. Watching this clip is like watching an advert - I can't remember what they're advertising, but the video is one of the funniest things you'll ever see. Watch it..

My personal favourite though, is the video clip from the MTV show featuring Dave Chapelle. This is one of the best videos I've ever seen, but you must be warned that it contains quite a lot of stupid swearing and rude humour. If you're a bit of a prude then, stay away; otherwise, you absolutely must watch this clip.

Our latest additions from the first and second updates include some hilarious clips, especially those of the babies which are well worth watching, You must ensure you get around to watching the baby and the dummy, and the baby with spaghetti on it's face - it's so funny. We have also included a snappy young aligator and a croc that fancies racoon for it's supper. There's plenty more sleepy kids - just watch the little girl in the car with a lolly; she really wants that lolly, but she's sooo sleepy. Plus, we've got a first with the stupid baby koala taking a cold dip. There's plenty here to put a broad smile across the most jaded of faces.

There are some really great video clips here, and it is our hope to find the rest of the funniest videos on the net, and put them all in one place for all the world to see - and enjoy.

We're continually striving to provide you, our clients, with the best videos on the internet.

Please take your time to look at them, rate them, and write a comment saying how much you liked them. We're very grateful for all comments, and would appreciate just a little of your time to tell us what you think. Then, we will be able to make an assessment of the types of funniest and stupid videos that you want more of, thus leaving all the dross for other sites. It is you that is going to decide what you see on this site, so please make the effort.

UPDATE3: We've got a lot more videos on the way shortly. Just check out the laughing baby, it's absolutely hilarious...how a baby can laugh so much is beyond me! And what about the stupid and funny cats?

UPDATE2: We've added another 13 great videos to our collection. This time, we've added more kids, more cats, more dogs, and other pets; more delightful babies, a disturbed ram and even a baby koala bear. But, check out the babies - they're hilarious.

UPDATE: We've added another 27 videos for your delectation. We've added kids, cats, dogs, horses, crocs, alligators, snakes and other pets to our original selection. If you don't fall off your chair laughing, then I'm afraid you have no sense of humour ;-)

Beware, the Dave Chapelle video contains some swearing and stupid rude humour, but it is also the best.

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