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The Top 10 Funniest YouTube Animals Videos based on number of views.
Squirrel Impossible

I wish my cat was this clever.

Views: 13380
More Funny Animals

Excrutiatingly funny animals

Views: 9378
What a load of bull !

The crowd were first frightened then very embarrassed.

Views: 7899

I get the feeling this horse didn't want to be branded.

Views: 6912
Horsing around (New)

What do horses do when it snows?

Views: 6353
Funny Animals 1

Funny Animals

Views: 5160
Phew! What's that smell?

This little monkey gets more than he bargained for.

Views: 5085

Don't much like this guy...and he almost got his come-uppance.

Views: 4865
Gazelle hits tree

Meals on Heels?

Views: 4538
Jap Advert

Oh, soooo very funny..

Views: 4051
Polly Popup

The woman here was genuinely shocked when she opened the drawer.

Views: 3926
I'm gonna get ya..

This is one very disturbed ram..

Views: 3864
Funny Animals 2

More Funny Animals

Views: 3857
Wait for meeee...

This donkey is so funny. Just watch the wing mirror.

Views: 3765
It Bites!

This small alligator moves like lightning. Just watch it..

Views: 3764
Sore Head

This was a very, very silly prank to play. Good job they stopped filming..

Views: 3626
Can we play..

These dolphins are mesmerized by the ball game.

Views: 3618

This fisherman is having a whale of a time,

Views: 3393
Wow, that's freezing

This koala takes an unexpected cold dip..

Views: 3306
Let me see now...

Let me just take a lonnngg look at your glasses

Views: 3124
Funny monkey

Monkey apes man

Views: 3063
Get off my tail..

Don't get too close to the 'gator...too late!

Views: 3048
Come on little squirrel

I never thought it could jump that far...

Views: 2986
Horsey Pingpong

These horses are having a whale of a time on the tennis court..

Views: 2981
Dumb sheep fly

I knew sheep were dumb, but this one takes the prize

Views: 2870
Oh, Yuck!

Indescribable...keeper is full of shit

Views: 1729
Oh, Yuck!

Indescribable...keeper is full of shit

Views: 1724

This site features some of the world's most funniest videos. There are videos of pets, cats, dogs, snakes and squirrels.

Watch Take the Cat on a hot tin roof video, for instance - this video is just pure genius, and so funny; so much so, that when I first watched it I was horrified. I was convinced that it must have be made by some stupid psycho students that were in to filming animals being tortured. I was, of course, wrong. And now that I know that it's just a spoof, I just love it. And I think you will too.

Then there's the It's Mine video, featuring the cutest pet kitten you're ever likely to meet. Watch this clip - it has so much appeal that it's in danger of becoming a funniest classic. And the dog's pretty good too. Have you ever seen such a spunky, little pet as this cat? I know that I haven't.

What about the Cat and the Canary video? Another work of pure 'funniest' genius? We think so. It's just like some of the original, classic cartoons where the bird, or the mouse, is so much more intelligent than the cat. And that is what I like about it - the simplicity of it's execution, and it's cutesy feel.

Then there's the mummy dog and her baby dogs. This really is a one hell of a selfish dog that wants to keep all the food to herself. And, that's where it becomes very funny.

The squirrel video is not particularly funny, I must admit. But it's here because this squirrel is so very clever. It takes a lot of time and patience to get this good, and all for the sake of a few nuts!

We have also included a snappy young aligator and a croc that fancies racoon for it's supper. Plus, we've got a first with the stupid baby koala taking a cold dip. There's plenty here to put a broad smile across the most jaded of faces.

There are some really great video clips here, and it is our hope to find the rest of the funniest videos on the net, and put them all in one place for all the world to see - and enjoy.

We're continually striving to provide you, our clients, with the best videos on the internet.

Please take your time to look at them, rate them, and write a comment saying how much you liked them. We're very grateful for all comments, and would appreciate just a little of your time to tell us what you think. Then, we will be able to make an assessment of the types of funniest and stupid videos that you want more of, thus leaving all the dross for other sites. It is you that is going to decide what you see on this site, so please make the effort.

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