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The Top 10 Funniest YouTube Cats Videos based on number of views.
Let me off!

Cats will do absolutely anything to avoid water. What a leap!

Views: 7162
Funny Cats

So many cats doing such weird and wonderful stuff - just crazy...

Views: 6803
Puppy vs Kitten

Another puppy and kitten fighting

Views: 5904
Just hangin'

This little girl's having her hair pulled out by her kitten.

Views: 5814
Puppy vs Kitty

Puppy and kitten fighting tooth and nail

Views: 5041
Cat On A Hot Car Roof

You won't believe your eyes when you see this...It seems gruesome - but it's a setup :)

Views: 4929
Angry talking cat

So, so funny. If cats could talk..

Views: 4421
Drunk Pussy.

Drunk pussy after sedation!

Views: 4034
It's Mine!

A short clip of a dog and a cute kitten that doesn't want to share.

Views: 3826
Sneak Attack

This baby just wasn't quick enough for the kitten

Views: 3674
You're not coming in!

You may be big...but, this is my place!

Views: 3605
Amazing Flying Cat (New)

Death defying leap from 30ft up - and Lives!

Views: 3600
The kit hit the fan

Flying cat

Views: 3594
Kitty Kapers

A lot of very funny cats

Views: 3560
Angry Fish & Cat

Angry fish shouts at cat

Views: 3553
What a Dummy!

This bear is a real dummy when it comes to dummies. Take a look, and listen to the crowd..

Views: 3427
Give me a wash..

This cat and this racoon are getting on well..until.

Views: 3400
A Sting in the Tail

Very short this one - and very funny

Views: 3356
I need a drink!

I don't care where it comes from - I NEED a drink!

Views: 3335
Is this the cat flap?

No, I dont think so, said the little cat. Now, how do I get out?

Views: 3239
Cat and Canary

This is classic Tom & Jerry, but it's not a cartoon.

Views: 3189
de de, de de...

Watch out, there's a cat about...

Views: 2948
Up the Wall

Just watch this kitten go...

Views: 2934
Cats,Dogs, Cats and Dogs

Cats, cats, cats and dogs, and more dogs having fun, as they do.

Views: 2903
More funny cats

There's loads of funny cats here

Views: 2895
What's this...meeeoowww

Kittens should know better than to touch candles with their nose..

Views: 2885

This site features some of the world's most funniest cat videos.

Watch Take the Cat on a hot tin roof video, for instance - this video is just pure genius, and so funny; so much so, that when I first watched it I was horrified. I was convinced that it must have be made by some stupid psycho students that were in to filming animals being tortured. I was, of course, wrong. And now that I know that it's just a spoof, I just love it. And I think you will too.

Then there's the It's Mine video, featuring the cutest pet kitten you're ever likely to meet. Watch this clip - it has so much appeal that it's in danger of becoming a funniest classic. And the dog's pretty good too. Have you ever seen such a spunky, little pet as this cat? I know that I haven't.

What about the Cat and the Canary video? Another work of pure 'funniest' genius? We think so. It's just like some of the original, classic cartoons where the bird, or the mouse, is so much more intelligent than the cat. And that is what I like about it - the simplicity of it's execution, and it's cutesy feel.

There are some really great video clips here, and it is our hope to find the rest of the funniest videos on the net, and put them all in one place for all the world to see - and enjoy.

We're continually striving to provide you, our clients, with the best videos on the internet.

Please take your time to look at them, rate them, and write a comment saying how much you liked them. We're very grateful for all comments, and would appreciate just a little of your time to tell us what you think. Then, we will be able to make an assessment of the types of funniest and stupid videos that you want more of, thus leaving all the dross for other sites. It is you that is going to decide what you see on this site, so please make the effort.

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